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Ontario County Proposed Landfill Expansion Project

Current Project Status

The Ontario County Board of Supervisors, as the lead agency for State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA), at its meeting on August 23, 2012, approved and is making available for public review the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for a proposed expansion of its sanitary landfill located in the Town of Seneca in Ontario County, New York

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Description of Proposed Landfill Expansion Project

The Ontario County Landfill is proposing to expand their current landfill facility. The project includes an expansion of the existing Phase III landfill and associated support facilities, including soil borrow area. The proposed expansion project will require additional land acquisition to the existing property in support of borrow area operations. The proposed expansion project will be primarily located within the 389 acres currently owned by Ontario County with the exception of soil borrow activities which will require the acquisition of a 40-acre (approximate) land parcel situated south of the landfill property. An expansion of the existing Phase III landfill is proposed in accordance with the Operations Management Lease (OML) Agreement between Ontario County and site operator Casella Waste Services of Ontario, LLC. The Stage VIII (Wrap-around) expansion will include the construction of new lined landfill cells totaling approximately 16.0 acres around the northern and western boundaries of the Phase III landfill. The Stage IX (Eastern) expansion will be located as named, adjacent to the eastern boundary of the Phase III landfill, covering approximately 27.5 acres including the area currently approved as a borrow area for soils. Additional site modifications include the relocation or modification of two stormwater ponds, the leachate storage lagoon, Ontario County Landfill’s maintenance facility, and site access roads.

Links to Download SEQRA Documents

Below are links to download the FEIS prepared in support of the SEQRA review for the proposed Ontario County Landfill Expansion Project. Because of the size of the DEIS prepared for this project, it is presented in multiple sections, as labeled below. The FEIS references the previously prepared Draft Environmental Impact Statement, which is available by selecting the “Ontario County DEIS” tab above.


Click on the plus (+) sign on the right hand side of the title to view links to the various files in each section. Files larger than 2MB will take some time to download.


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