Thursday, August 05, 2021

city of mechanicville brownfield opportunity area (BOA) nomination study

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 City of Mechanicville BOA Project Overview

The Nomination Study area will encompass a 561-acre area focused primarily on the community’s business district and waterfront areas.

There are three primary components to be included in the Nomination Study for the study area as detailed below:

  1. Project Description Boundary
  2. Public Participation Plan Techniques
  3. Analysis of the Opportunity Areas

The anticipated outcomes for the project are as follows:
  1. Comprehensive land use assessment and analysis within defined BOA boundaries 
    Identification and thorough description of all brownfield and underutilized or vacant sites 
  2. A detailed economic and market analysis to assist in evaluating realistic redevelopment potential and reuse scenarios
  3. An analysis of necessary infrastructure to accommodate development and reuse concept
  4. A strategic and marketable Nomination Plan that serves as the basis for the Implementation Phase


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